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RWM001 - LOWA/Dot - Get Up EP

Dot's releases on Immigrant

Dot's remix on Far Out Recordings


RWM002 - Dot - Calling Home

Calling Home is the debut album from Dot a.k.a. Natasha Musevic coming out on Read Write Music. Having had various tracks released through Imminent (former Immigrant) Recordings, this female dubstep producer chooses to introduce a truly diverse set of tunes, including the most distinctive feature of the album that at the same time shows a new approach to her music production – her vocals. This might imply an idea of tenderness but with an incredible fatness of beats, a combination of sub bass deepness, aggression and edginess intervening throughout the whole album, Dot proves the opposite. The album created in 2009 starts off with unique deepness in the first track MX4, announcing the feeling of the album which – like the track itself – tries to trick you with the introductory soft vocals but instead hits you with its massive sub space. The tension grows in the following tracks, pumping up the pressure through atmospheric sounds, dark and hard-edged beats, reaching its peak in Ratio which is with its mixture of four on the floor rhythm and minimal brake downs an absolute dance floor killer. The following Dreamz Are Forever takes a slower and dreamier pace and a sudden cut happens in the shorter Interlude that follows, proving the unpredictability and the experimental spirit of the album. The journey continues in a melodic manner, gradually building up the tempo from a jungle inspired feel in IMF to the deep and yet relaxed end.

The eleven tracks on Calling Home show Dot's ability to combine the usually unimaginable: quirky piano melodies flow on a thick sub bass line, adding a classical touch to it, her soft voice contradicts and at the same time complements the criticism of her lyrics, interlacing with a variety of sounds, ranging from hardedged dubstep to pure instrumental and ambiental tunes. Dot's debut album manages to string together industrialized and yet atmospheric tracks, showing more than enough distinctiveness to stand out from her British counterparts.

Separate tracks from the album got support from range of various big names such as Mary Anne Hobbs which played MX4(Instrumental) on her show on BBC Radio 1 at the time and DJ Kutz (Soul Jazz) who included the track Dreamz Are Forever in his DJ mix for Big Up Magazine. Dreamz Are Forever was also played out live by Ramadanman (Hessle Audio,Tempa),while the track entitled Calling Home was played on the legendary dubstep radio Sub FM by Roko (Sub FM). The track Lack of Sight was showcased on Dandellion Radio dedicated to John Peel.

'MX4' featured by Mary Anne Hobbs on BBC1 Radio

'Dreamz Are Forever' featured by Kutz in his cover mix for Big Up Magazine

'Calling Home' featured on Sub FM by Roko

'Lack Of Sight' feautured on Dandelion Radio dedicated to John Peel by Mark Cunliffe

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