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About Read Write Music

Read Write Music is a fresh new Creative Commons record label started by Natasha Musevic a.k.a. Dot. It's aims are to communicate the urgency of artist collaboration and exposure of rather un-addaptable copyright laws which are questionable today in the world of global networking.

Read Write music is dedicated to remixing music material legally and is therefore prividing a platform for releasing music which would be in other circumstances illegal due to copyright infringment. Many albums have not been released due to use of samples and potential copyright infringment and many producers who use samples strictly opose P2P piracy on the other hand.

Read Write Music offers a new approach in legalising the remixes and inviting listeners to become creators. It will regularly release remixes of it's own material.

You can download DOt's research paper on digital distribution, copyright and artist's earnings here. If you are interested in music copyright history you will  find it attached in this research paper.

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